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Welcome to Oasis Water

Our on-the-go, modern day lifestyles demand a lot from us. Leaving us both physically and mentally drained. And this is where RO3 Oasis comes in. We like to think of ourselves as a welcome reprieve from stressful boardrooms and challenging playgrounds.

A source of life force. A real, well… Oasis!


More About Us

We have to admit that bottling water isn’t a new idea. We do however believe that our approach is unique and that we do in fact offer something completely different. We could go on for ages about how brilliant we are, but that would just sound like bragging! So here’s what one of the leading water resource management specialist has to say about RO3 Oasis instead.

“RO3 Oasis Water has a unique approach to the bottled water business. It provides high quality water at affordable prices while actively managing the downside of the industry – packaging and containers that become litter. It is this innovative approach that makes RO3 Oasis stand out in the bottled water industry”. – Dr. Anthony Turton

Why Choose Oasis

  • The market leader in Africa for purified water with a franchise network of 280 stores.

  • Product availability across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.
  • Wide choice and selection of refill water, bottled water, dispenser water, 100% ready-to-drink juice, 100% concentrate juice, energy drinks, assorted dried fruit and nuts as well as a collection of ice teas and coffees.
  • Local community support and job creation for more than 1000+ families.
  • Customer service includes deliveries.
  • Certified BBBEE Level 2 supplier for corporate and government procurement.
  • FASA accredited franchise business with a strong code of ethics.
  • Voluntary recycling levies are paid to PETCO to support a greener environment.
  • Oasis Water contains Ozone, the most “environmental friendly” oxidant.
  • Trusted, reliable and proven purification process ensures safe and clean drinking water.

Our Clients