We associate winter with steaming mugs of warm comfort, often caffeinated, not with a tall glass of refreshing water.  Even so, our bodies desperately need water in the chilly months.

  • Skin
    Colder temperatures usually mean drier air. Even if you live in a winter-rainfall area, the use of heaters and air-conditioning, even fireplaces, dry out the air around us causing our skin to become dehydrated. The contrast between a cosy office and going outside in the cold can cause skin to crack and chap. Water is vital in keeping your skin cells plump and hydrated, reducing the risk of chapping and peeling.
    Water also removes impurities and if you are dehydrated, these impurities can come through your pores, causing break-outs and dull looking skin. For healthy, glowing skin, drink water at regular intervals during the day, even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  • Energy
    Are you feeling the need to nap in the afternoon? Instead of reaching for an afternoon caffeine pick-me-up, fill up your water bottle.  Dehydration is an often overlooked major cause of daytime fatigue which is exacerbated by excessive caffeine intake.  Keep a water bottle by your table and sip throughout the day. Aim to consume 500ml of water before allowing yourself a cup of coffee.  This will have the added benefit of getting you up and moving at regular intervals, protecting your body against sitting for too long which is linked to an increased risk of type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even pre-mature death!
  • Fight the winter bulge
    Winter days are short and cold, the nights are long and can be miserable, with not much daylight or motivation to get up and engage in hobbies, nature or activities. So most of us turn to comfort food – often highly calorific and unhealthy, eating because we are bored or to improve our mood. While this is a reality, drinking a glass of water before indulging can lower the amount of calories you consume by triggering your body’s satiation signals earlier.
    Drinking adequate water also improves digestion, vital in colder months when we tend to over-indulge.
  • Protect your immune system
    Your body’s natural defences are tested repeatedly throughout the day, more so in winter. Dehydration substantially weakens our immune system. Being properly hydrated keeps your eyes, mouth and nose clean. Mucous membranes are a first line of defence, and when they are dried out, they lose their ability to trap bacteria and viruses entering the body. Keeping well hydrated with clean water in winter keeps your body’s barriers against infection in tip-top shape. Water also carries oxygen in the blood, empowering your immune system to do its work and flushing toxins from your body.

Motivate yourself to keep hydrated this chilly-season: buy a beautiful water bottle for your desk, get a dispenser for your home. The benefits are manifold and well-worth it.

Here’s to a wet winter, no matter where your live, with Oasis water!