Water types – to drink or not to drink?

There are many health benefits of drinking water. However, drinking just any kind of water is not ideal, and not all water is created equal – some are cheaper or provide more nutrients than others. So, to help you choose, here are the different types of water and what you should know about them.   […]

Stay hydrated this Spring!

Are you struggling to come up with ways to drink more water? Here are 5 easy ways to stay hydrated this Spring!

Ozone: Why we use it in our water

Ozone is not uncommon in the world of water purification. We use it as part of our six-step purification process. This is done every morning in all our stores to ensure our water is clean, safe, and potable. But what does it do and how does it work? Sterilisation process Ozone (O3) is an unstable […]

Benefits of drinking enough water

One of the most crucial components of a healthy diet is staying well-hydrated. Drinking enough water to keep the body’s fluid levels topped off ensures that all bodily activities can proceed normally.

Quality and clean drinking water is our top priority

Providing local communities with quality and clean drinking water is our mission. We take every measure possible to ensure that our water is of the highest standard. But, what does that mean? QUALITY AND CLEAN DRINKING WATER – A GROWING CONCERN It is estimated that over 80% of diseases in developing countries are caused by […]

Oasis – a leading packaged water and refill brand in SA

Oasis provides customers with clean, safe and pure drinking water for healthy hydration. There are many purified water brands on the market. Here are some of the reasons why we are one of the leading packaged water and refill brands in Southern Africa: OASIS WATER IS GREAT TASTING The taste of Oasis water is unparalleled. […]

100% Fruit juice blend to suit every taste

If it’s a 100% fruit juice blend you are after, look no further than Oasis’ range of delicious blends. We have a fruit juice blend to satisfy even the fussiest toddler. 100% Fruit Juice Blend Flavours Strawberry, Red Grape, Granadilla, Tropical, Cranberry, Apple, Mango, Litchi, Guava, Orange or Pineapple and Carrot. Take your pick. Made […]