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SME Business

SME Business

The SME business sector in South Africa is a critical part of the national economy.  In 2018 the national unemployment rate has grown to more than 27%. Government is looking to the SME sector in its efforts to achieve the 2030 National Development Plan. However, SME’s continue to struggle due to a wide range of challenges and their survival rate is concerningly low. In 2016 most small businesses did not survive beyond 5 years. It is a stressful environment and maintaining personal health is a key consideration in building a small business.

Oasis focus on quality of life and provide various beverage products to support the health of SME business owners and employees.

In addition to our beverage products, we also offer entrepreneurs the opportunity of lower-than-average business risk by joining our successful business network of 280+ franchise shops. Options are available to either apply for the concession of an existing franchise or to receive a concession for a new franchise.