Providing local communities with quality and clean drinking water is our mission. We take every measure possible to ensure that our water is of the highest standard.

But, what does that mean?


It is estimated that over 80% of diseases in developing countries are caused by contaminated drinking water. But it doesn’t stop there. Over 30% of work potential is also in return compromised.

In South Africa, the quality of the domestic water supply that is considered safe for human consumption is assured by monitoring for compliance with the South African National Standards (SANS 241:2015).

What makes Oasis Water safe drinking water?

Oasis Water is tested for compliance by independent laboratories in accordance with SANS and is compliant on four key levels:

  • Microbiological Compliance
  • Microbial water quality is the state of the water with respect to the presence of micro-organisms. Microbial water quality is usually indicated by reporting the count (number) of indicator organisms present in each volume of water
  • Chemical Compliance
  • Chemical water quality refers to the nature and concentration of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). TDS include salts, metals and organic chemicals. All determinants with a possible threat to health are listed
  • Acute Health Compliance
  • Acute Health microbiological determinants are the organisms found in drinking water that could potentially pose a risk to health if consumed. E.coli can for example cause diarrhoea, and need urgent care

Acute Health Compliance tests include screening for:

  • Acute Health Chemical: The presence of chemical contaminants in drinking water which could potentially pose health risks, e.g., Nitrate with the potential to block the flow of blood
  • Aesthetic Compliance
  • Aesthetic compliance is achieved using the senses: turbidity, colour, taste, and odour
  • Oasis Water guarantees water that is safe with a great clean taste and flavour that is aesthetically pleasing to the senses

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