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OASIS Drink & Refill: 7-Day (45L)


Free delivery up to a radius of 15km.
Card Transaction Fees included.
Service Fee & VAT included.
2-3 Business days for delivery.
Available at selected stores.
Price valid for Online Shopping only.
Prices in stores may differ.

45L Oasis Water

4 x 10L Oasis Water
1 x 5L Oasis Water

1,25L per person per day for a family of 5

MODERATE to move and store (10Kg Bottle when full)

Reuse your 10L Bottles and Refill at Oasis after first purchase

Refill for R1.20 – R1.50 per liter of water


Safe, pure drinking water for healthy hydration. Our water is one of the purest water brands on the market with a TDS of less than 20.


The taste of Oasis water is unparalleled. The round, full-bodied mouthfeel with no nasty aftertaste is witness to the purity of the water.


The addition of ozone serves, among others, to sterilize the container being filled.  Ozone also disinfects the water by killing any viruses and bacteria. This keeps the water fresher for longer.


Coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, is a type of virus that is particularly susceptible to disinfection and treatment.
The virus has not been detected in water that has been treated by the processes we make use of.

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Did you know that Oasis water prevents the build-up of limescale, the chalky residue that builds within your kettle? Refill with Oasis water - the complete household solution! 

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We take every precaution to make sure that every Oasis Water product is safe and up to standard. Therefore, our water is tested monthly by accredited laboratories that carry out water safety tests and issue certificates for compliance. These are on display at each outlet, ensuring health and safety compliance at the highest level for safe drinking water. 

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We know that it can be tough going to balance the demands of work and school - especially when you are all working from home. Be sure to stay refreshed and rejuvenated with pure, Oasis Water.

You can join the #RefillLife at your closest Oasis Water Outlet!

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We are an associated member of PETCO who succesfully recycled 95 879 tonnes of post-consumer PET bottles in 2019. The company saved about 594 448m3 of landfill space and roughly 144 000 tonnes of carbon in the process. We’re excited to be part of this movement towards a greener future. Oasis Water pushes a green initiative by promoting refilling instead of buying bottled water. Although we still sell plastic bottles, all our plastic is 100% recyclable. We rather encourage refilling.

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Our Ozone Sports Drink isn't just an energy drink; it contains vitamins to boost your mood and Taurine to increase your endurance and lower your blood pressure. Drink an Oasis Ozone Sports Drink 20-30 minutes before your workout, and you'll reap all the benefits!

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1) Ozone removes harmful bacteria and pollutants from water.
2) Ozonated water could reduce inflammation according to undergoing studies 
3)Ozone ensures a clean and environmentally friendly product
4) Can help to improve your digestion
5) Ozone water may detoxify and clean the body 

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Keep the whole family hydrated with our 5L & 10L option - enjoy the safest, purest drinking water that you can refill at your nearest Oasis outlet or have us deliver it at your doorstep. 

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😷 W E A R  A  M A S K 😷

Did you know: the risk of cross-contamination from the #COVID19 virus is only 1,5% if EVERYBODY wears a mask.

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