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Countertop dispenser and 100 liters (Water X-Change Delivery)

R499.00 / month for 12 months

Sign up for a subscription that includes one stylish dispenser and 100 liters of water every month.

We will deliver your starter pack consisting of the dispenser and the first filled water bottles to your address to get you going.

Thereafter you can receive up to two deliveries per month from participating Oasis stores - 100 liters of water every month included!

To sign up:

Step 1 Choose your dispenser Colour, preferred Delivery Day and Closest participating store using the drop down menus below and then the number of subscriptions by clicking the Add to Basket button.

Step 2 Fill in your contact details and delivery address.

Step 3 Complete the payment instruction with the terms as set out and then wait for our confirmation and delivery arrangements.

It is Simple and Safe from the water company you can Trust with more than 400 outlets in Southern Africa.

Optional Should you wish to buy more water in some months, top-up bundles are also available.


Water X-Change is only available at selected Oasis stores.

Water is a problem. We know this. At Oasis, we process water ’til it’s perfectly potable. From any (trusted) source and any (trusted) supply line. And in the face of failing infrastructure and far too much plastic, we’ve pioneered a new safe space for water – the Oasis Prefilled Water X-Change. The Oasis Prefilled Water X-Change is SA’s most advanced, easy-to-use water refill and exchange service. Simply top-up your drinking water by exchanging your empty Oasis bottles for new, filled and freshly sealed ones. It’s the quickest, most convenient way to get clean drinking water on tap – just not from your tap! – in your home, your office, or wherever you need it.
Oasis Water X-change dispensers, their parts and even the 10L PET bottles with their easy-to-carry handles, are 100% recyclable. Water cooling temperature on X-change dispensers is pre-set to ensure a safe and comfortable hydration experience for all members of the family and a single press-and-release faucet adds extra convenience. Oasis X-change dispensers are up to 50% lighter in weight than traditional water dispensers. A virtually noiseless operating cycle makes it ideal for any indoor room or kitchen counter.

Safe, pure drinking water for healthy hydration. Our water is one of the purest water brands on the market with a TDS of less than 20.


The taste of Oasis water is unparalleled. The round, full-bodied mouthfeel with no nasty aftertaste is witness to the purity of the water.


The addition of ozone serves, among others, to sterilize the container being filled. Ozone also disinfects the water by killing any viruses and bacteriaThis keeps the water fresher for longer.


Coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, is a type of virus that is particularly susceptible to disinfection and treatment.
The virus has not been detected in water that has been treated by the processes we make use of.

Oasis Water has more than 320 outlets across South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.  Enter your location below for stores in your area. For easy mobile search, use the QuickFind Mobile App.
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“Exchanged my @oasiswater dispenser bottles for refills this morning and Alyssa & I decided to try out their juice and iced tea range. They taste yummy and I’m so glad they are sugar free! 

Absolutely obsessed with my water dispenser 💦 I’ve been drinking more water and meeting my 2L goal ever since I have it 👏 “ - @hayleymalan 

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