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OASIS Drink & Refill: 10-Day (75L)


Free delivery up to a radius of 15km.
Card Transaction Fees included.
Service Fee & VAT included.
2-3 Business days for delivery.
Available at selected stores.
Price valid for Online Shopping only.
Prices in stores may differ.

75L Oasis Water

1 x 25L refill container with tap
5 x 10L refillable bottles

1,25L per person per day for a family of 6

CHALLENGE to move and store (27Kg Container when full)

Reuse your 10L Bottles and Refill at Oasis after first purchase; decant into 25L at home

Refill for R1.20 – R1.50 per liter of water


Safe, pure drinking water for healthy hydration. Our water is one of the purest water brands on the market with a TDS of less than 20.


The taste of Oasis water is unparalleled. The round, full-bodied mouthfeel with no nasty aftertaste is witness to the purity of the water.


The addition of ozone serves, among others, to sterilize the container being filled.  Ozone also disinfects the water by killing any viruses and bacteria. This keeps the water fresher for longer.


Coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, is a type of virus that is particularly susceptible to disinfection and treatment.
The virus has not been detected in water that has been treated by the processes we make use of.

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Water has a natural way to calm us, most possibly because of dehydration effects on the body and brain. Dehydration could cause increased heart rate, headaches, and muscle fatigue. Drinking enough water is vital for a healthy body and mind. #Oasiswater #HealthyLiving
Dehydration impairs exercise capacity and especially during Southern Africa's dry winter months, During exercise, the body loses not only water but salts. Being Isotonic, Oasis Sports Drink is easily absorbed by the body to supply swift rehydration after or during exercise.
We have a whole range of different ready-to-drink sports drinks available at a store near you!
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Did you know that water makes up about 66% of the human body? Make sure you replenish your body's water input with only the best. Oasis Water is the market leader in Africa for purified water. Visit a store near you today: www.oasiswater.co.za/findastore/
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Today, we celebrate being able to work. Together with our customers, employees, franchisees, and business partners, we express our thankfulness that we can contribute to society. Have a blessed Workers Day.
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Our 25L containers are perfect for households, the office, or to take with you on holiday. Refill the container from at any of our over 300 Oasis outlets in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. 

The addition of ozone sterilizes the container, and it also disinfects the water by killing viruses and bacteria. This ensures that the water remains germ-free for longer. 

Your support of the Oasis refill concept can remove up to 340 million plastic single-use bottles from landfills each year! 

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Oasis Water is the market leader in Africa for purified water with over 320 outlets across Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

Not only are we taking the lead we also take pride in making a difference in our local communities, we’ve created a livelihood for more than 1000+ families. 
Oasis Water is a trusted brand that is expanding rapidly, to learn more about Oasis Water franchising kindly follow the link below for more information:

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Having trouble finding an Oasis Water outlet?

Luckily we’ve got an interactive map on our website to locate an outlet near you, by simply following the link below you’ll be directed to our Store Locator:

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Oasis Water has an international presence!

Most of our products are available in Southern Africa and there are still a lot of great opportunities in different parts of Botswana, South Africa and Namibia.

With more than 17 years of experience and more than 320 outlets we’re confident that our business model works! 
To learn more about our franchising, kindly follow the link below for more information:

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