Oasis provides customers with clean, safe and pure drinking water for healthy hydration.

There are many purified water brands on the market. Here are some of the reasons why we are one of the leading packaged water and refill brands in Southern Africa:


The taste of Oasis water is unparalleled. The round, full-bodied taste with a guaranteed no nasty aftertaste is proof of the purity of our water. We use ozone to remove unwanted elements from our water ensuring our water is 100% potable.
The addition of ozone serves, among others, to sterilize the container being filled, disinfect the water by killing any viruses and bacteria, and keep the water fresher for longer.

Our Treatment Process

Oasis focus on health and we subject our water to a six-stage treatment process before it qualifies to carry our label.

We also ensure strict quality controls, including monthly bacteriological reports and scheduled filter replacements, ensuring excellence across our outlets.

Sustainability is key

Oasis water is packaged in recyclable PET 1 and HDPE plastic only, protecting the integrity of the water. Each of our stores also has PET recycle bins and customers are encouraged to place any of our used and empty water bottles in these bins to be recycled. Oasis promotes recycling.

Oasis offers quality water for all

With affordable refill and packaged water options, we give the customer what they need: clean drinking water that is excellent value for money. Customers can refill any containers at our outlets, not only our labelled containers.

If it has the Oasis label on the bottle, it has our stamp of approval. Quality drinking water, is guaranteed. Enjoy!

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