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Oasis Purification Process
Water Purification

Oasis Purification Process

From dubious to divine: The RO3 Oasis purification process

Offers of clean water are a dime a dozen these days. So let’s take a look at why Oasis’ method delivers the purest water. It is no secret that we think our water is the bee’s knees, so allow us to share with you why Oasis is the purest water out there:

It is true, we start with plain old raw water, just like a diamond starts with common coal. The secret with our water, and diamonds, is the process the commonplace raw material goes through to become exceptional. We employ a six-step filtration system to take our water from common, to sublime.

Instead of just using a single-stage treatment process and calling it clean, our water has to undergo SIX treatment stages before receiving the honour of being called Oasis water.

  • Step 1: Rapid Sand Filtration
    The first step consists of layers of sand and gravel, arranged according to density and sand particle size, which trap and strain particles in the water. The particles removed in this step are rather large and include items like bugs and organisms, algae, and other suspended dirt in the water. After this step the water looks a lot cleaner to the naked eye, but is not yet safe to drink.
  • Step 2: Carbon Filtration
    Carbon has a very large surface area, allowing it to absorb a large amount of chemicals and harmful substances like chlorine, benzene, pesticides, herbicides and a host of other deleterious man-made chemicals that find their way into our water. It also removes larger dangerous microorganisms such as giardia, but generally viruses are too small and will move through a carbon filter. Carbon filtration also removes odours and bad tastes from the water. Oasis water passes through two carbon filters to ensure superior quality.
  • Step 3: Element Filtration
    This step is a pre-filtration for the Reverse Osmosis system and removes undissolved solids as small as 1 micron, colloids and larger colour causing organics (NOM) from the feed stream.
  • Step 4: Reverse Osmosis
    In this step dissolved inorganic solids (like salts) are removed by pushing the water through a semipermeable membrane. This effectively removes nitrates, heavy metals like mercury, lead and arsenic, sodium as well as bacteria.
  • Step 5: Ultra Violet Treatment
    This taste, odour and chemical-free treatment is extremely effective in killing disease-causing microbes like E. coli, bacteria and viruses and destroying hormones.
  • Step 6: Ozonation
    Ozone is an excellent disinfectant with the superior ability to kill viruses, bacteria and biological contaminants found in water. Oxidization by ozone in water purification also aids in removing taste and odour problems from water much more efficiently than chlorine, and ozone itself doesn’t produce any odour or taste. Due to the fact that ozone consists of oxygen, it reverts back to pure oxygen and increases oxygen levels. Furthermore, the ozone sterilizes the containers during the bottling and refill process.

Add a dash of passion and a warm smile and voila! You have fabulous in a bottle.

Oasis water – Refresh, Revive, Refill.