We adore blue.  Most of our favourite things are blue: the African sky, sapphires, jeans, blueberries, Smurfs, Dory, and of course the ocean Dory lives in.  We love it so much we made it the signature colour of our brand.  But truth be told, our blue is actually green…

PET: Technical material, not trash
We have always had a heart for keeping our planet blue, which is why we only use PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and follow the South African PET recycling company’s (PETCO) basic design guidelines in the design and manufacturing of our packaging.  Simple things like using clear plastic and using labels for branding instead of printing on the bottle ensure that 100% of the bottle is easily recyclable. PET bottles have a light environmental footprint, are safe, reusable and 100% recyclable.  PET forms the basis for synthetic fibres like polyester used to manufacture clothing (polar fleece jackets), home textiles (duvets, carpets), automotive parts (seat covers, sound insulation) and new packaging for food and non-food items – to name a few.  It is clear that PET is not trash, but Technical material used in multiple manufacturing processes.

Recycling in sensitive conservation areas: Kruger National Park
55% of PET bottles were recycled in South Africa during 2016 and Oasis approached PETCO for a joint venture to further improve on the already impressive statistic, with a special focus on sensitive conservation areas.  We see it as a high priority to grow the recycling of PET and support it where ever possible. We are well on our way to our aim of a recycling percentage of 70% by 2022.  So starting in Kruger National Park in 2017 we worked with PETCO to grow existing recycling efforts which included baling machines (to compact the bottles) in the northern and southern parts of the park, by including private lodges and Oasis water depots in the recycling of PET packaging.  The introduction of the baling machines have already reduced incinerations in the park with 70%.  These initiatives not only increase the amount of plastic being recycled but also contribute to income opportunities in local communities.

Oasis actively involved
One local Oasis franchisee in Mbombela, Wynand Nel, explains Oasis shops’ involvement: “When we deliver water we simultaneously collect empty PET bottles so no extra trips are needed, and take it to our shop where it is sorted.  The sorted bottles are then taken to a local buy-back centre for recycling as soon as we have enough to fill a truck.”  Where local buy-back centres are available, the cost of this project is negligible and sustainable.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – now there’s a blue motto we can get behind, and you can too. Recycle your oasis water bottles and be part of our green team in blue, for blue.