Oasis Cares

Oasis member of PETCO

Why Green?

To us being green isn’t about hugging trees or simply slapping a ‘don’t print this’ line on our emails or a recycle logo on our bottles.

Which is why when we do put a recycle logo on our bottle you can be assured that it stands for something. As the PETCO logo does.

PETCO was established in December 2004 with the specific objective of promoting and improving the waste management and recycling of post-consumer Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) products on behalf of all stakeholders in the South African PET industry.

As a proud member of PETCO, and the first South African bottle water company to carry the PETCO logo on our bottles, we support its vision and efforts for ongoing recycling in South Africa.

PETCO bottles:
  • are safe to freeze
  • integrity is not compromised when left in a hot car
  • are 100% safe for reuse provided they are properly cleaned first, which incidentally fits in perfectly with our refill concept, to save you money and reduce the environmental impact too.

Oasis Water Green CompanyPeople : The recognition of human beings as God-given creations with the primary purpose of being stewards of the environment, family and self.
Planet : Our commitment to being ethically and morally responsible in the management of our God-given resources without exploiting humans or nature.
Profit : The cultivation of awareness of the socio-economic responsibility to get involved, which rests on every company and individual, and includes the encouragement of entrepreneurs and their dreams.

Oasis Water Unashamedly EthicalUnashamedly Ethical is a broad based, independent, initiative that promotes ethics, values, and a honourable way of dealing with others amongst business and individuals.

It challenges people to make a personal pledge to ethical living, and challenges others to do the same. In doing so we can turn the tide on corruption and poverty. As a corporation, Oasis Water takes pride in subscribing to the principles of being Unashamedly Ethical.

Oasis Water Member of FASA

FASA’s aims are to ensure that its Members practice the highest standard of ethics and fair business practices in franchising and to develop and expand the business environment for franchising in South Africa.

FASA is a full Member of the World Franchise Council.  This Code reflects the collective beliefs of all FASA Members with respect to the manner in which franchise relationships must be established, structured and implemented.

Oasis Water Lifework LeadershipLifework Leadership was birthed in 1992 when U.S. Senator William Armstrong (CO) convened Christian business leaders to cast a vision for a world, city by city, that could be transformed through leaders who had a clear calling and a biblical worldview. Lifework Leadership is committed to transforming leaders by clarifying their calling; challenging their minds; and engaging their hearts for service.

Oasis Water Nation Builder

Nation Builder is a community of like-minded business leaders who strive to use business as force for social good. Leaders who realise that building sustainable, successful businesses and a robust economy will require more than profit making and compliance. These future-minded businesses are committed to going beyond social compliance to social leadership. Click here to visit their website.