If it’s a 100% fruit juice blend you are after, look no further than Oasis’ range of delicious blends.

We have a fruit juice blend to satisfy even the fussiest toddler.

100% Fruit Juice Blend Flavours

Strawberry, Red Grape, Granadilla, Tropical, Cranberry, Apple, Mango, Litchi, Guava, Orange or Pineapple and Carrot. Take your pick.

Made from only the best quality fruit, our fruit juice blends are naturally sweetened and tartrazine-free. You may even spot slight colour variances in our juice from time to time as we only use quality, natural and fresh produce.

Get your favourite blend in an on-the-go and convenient ready-to-drink option or stock up on our 1L concentrates to enjoy anytime. The 300ml bottles fit perfectly into any lunchbox.

To shop your favourite 100% Fruit Juice Blend visit your closest Oasis outlet.

For more information visit www.oasiswater.co.za.

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