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Metal Industry


South Africa’s large, well-developed metals industry, with vast natural resources and a supportive infrastructure, represents roughly a third of all South Africa’s manufacturing.

It comprises basic iron ore and steel, basic non-ferrous metals and metal products. The basic industries involve the manufacture of primary iron and steel products from smelting to semi-finished stages.

Primary steel products and semi-finished products include billets, blooms, slabs, forgings, reinforcing bars, railway track material, wire rod, seamless tubes, and plates.

The primary steel industry is a significant contributor to the economy and earns considerable amounts of valuable foreign exchange.

South Africa ranks 21st among the crude-steel producing countries in the world – producing in the region of 1% of the world’s crude steel. South Africa is also the largest steel producer in Africa: it is responsible for more than half of the total crude steel production of the continent.

The international and local steel industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. Several steel companies have fallen away and protectionism has increased.

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