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Manufacturing and Beverage Solutions


If recent investments in the manufacturing industry are indicative of the trend going forward, then the future is looking bright for this often beleaguered market sector. In addition, the South African government recently announced that it was embarking on an offensive to attract $100-billion (approximately R1.3-trillion) in foreign direct investment (FDI) over the next five years to bolster the local economy.

A number of notable manufacturing plant projects have created a sense of hope for the country, including the R50-million Automotive Industry Centre (AIDC) mega-development in Rosslyn near Pretoria.

Not only does the manufacturing industry in the country provide income and job opportunities to those people directly employed in the sector, but furthermore it has high economic multipliers in its linkages to upstream production sectors (mining and agriculture) and downstream sectors, including services.

Oasis On-Premise water solutions increase production efficiencies for our customers by providing refill, cold water as well as bottled water directly to workers at the manufacturing plants.