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There is a lot of confusion about what water does, and what it does not do. While water is an amazing element, it is not divine in its ability to do everything in the body.

So, let us separate the wheat from the chaff. Here are some things water can do:

Some benefits of drinking water

Water is a hydrant, not a nutrient

Firstly, not all minerals are good for you. According to the WHO, only calcium and magnesium in water are beneficial to the body.

The other minerals are either not absorbed from water, or are trace minerals like arsenic, lead and aluminium of which the body needs extraordinarily little (less than 100mg/day). In excess, these lead to toxic episodes, heavy metal poisoning and other serious complications.

Secondly, minerals in water are inorganic (like rocks) and not organic (like spinach). You can get your calcium from rocks, or you can get it from dairy, fruit, and vegetables, where the plant or animal has done some of the processing for you. There is considerable debate in the scientific community about the usefulness of inorganic minerals in the human diet. The body can absorb minerals from inorganic sources, but much less efficiently than from organic sources.

Even if the water contains calcium and magnesium, it is not enough to supply in the body’s needs.

You would have to drink more than 30 litres of water a day to get the recommended daily amount of 1000mg of calcium.

And that is provided your body absorbs 100% of the available calcium, which it cannot.

Only exceedingly small amounts of calcium and magnesium are absorbed from the water.

Unfortunately, you do not get to choose: if you leave the beneficial minerals, the harmful ones stay too. It is all or nothing.

African Context

While there might be negligible benefits to having Magnesium and Calcium in water, living in a world where contaminated water is the number one cause of death should place the importance of water purity above its mineral content.

South African law recognises three categories of water: Water defined by origin, Natural water and Prepared water.

The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) count is a good indicator of purity. A lower TDS means cleaner water.

Oasis Still Water is defined as Prepared Water.

This category includes municipal, surface or underground water that has been purified by treatments that change the chemical composition of the water. The source of the water is irrelevant as impurities are removed. The processes used to purify the water can differ widely, so make sure you know whether contaminants like hormones and heavy metals are removed.

Municipal drinking water in South Africa consistently tests at a TDS count of 150 or higher. There are exceptions where the count is lower. Oasis Water guarantees a TDS count of less than 20 under normal operating conditions.

Oasis Water guarantees water that is safe with a great clean taste and flavour that is aesthetically pleasing to the senses.

Breathe life into your body.

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