Increase Sales with Oasis Water Kiosks

Are you passionate about providing your customers with pure, quality water?

 Oasis Water invites you to join our franchise family through our transformative Oasis Kiosk opportunity.

Why Oasis Water?

Oasis Water stands as a reputable brand committed to transforming the way people access and consume water. Specializing in reverse osmosis technology, our brand is driven by the belief that easy access to quality drinking water is a fundamental right for every individual. Your customers enjoy the benefits of pure and pollutant-free water that revitalizes and energizes the mind and body. Our 6-step purification process, including reverse osmosis and ozonation, ensures a consistent taste and superior quality in all our products.

What’s more, with our refill water, we, in collaboration with you, uphold sustainability and contribute to community well-being. Oasis Water was established in 2003 to change consumer behaviour with refill water that is both environmentally friendly and affordable.

Why an Oasis Kiosk?

Extra Income

Create an additional income stream by boosting the average spend in your store.

Shopper Convenience

Provide added convenience to your customers who no longer need to shop for water elsewhere.

Pure Quality Water

Our RO3 water system guarantees pure, pollutant-free water using your existing water source.

Innovation & Sustainability

Become part of an eco-friendly franchise that prioritizes the well-being of both communities and the planet.

Easy Installation

Benefit from relatively simple installation with guidance from the experts at Oasis.

Two Kiosk Options

Oasis Branded Mini Kiosk with RO3 Water System and Tanks – R00,000.

Oasis Branded Micro Kiosk with RO3 Water System and Tanks – R00,000.

What We Need from You

Signed Contract: A signed contract with Oasis Water.

Store Information: Fill the fridge exclusively with Oasis Water Products, showcasing our dedication to quality and innovation.

Apply Now

Join us in the journey to provide accessible, sustainable, and high-quality drinking water to communities while growing your successful business.
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