Whether you are relaxing in your backyard or soaking up some sun on the beach, chances are you will be spending a lot of time outside this summer.

So, to beat this summer’s heat, remember to keep your body hydrated.

Proper hydration is not only good for your brain and your mood but also your heart.

Heart rate, heart health, and dehydration

There is a clear connection between heart rate, heart health, and dehydration.

Your heart is constantly working, pumping about 7,500 litres of blood per day.

If you do not consume enough fluids, your blood becomes thicker, your blood vessel walls tighten, and you will put tremendous strain on your heart.

When your heart is not pumping as well as it should, the cells in the body are not receiving enough blood, which can cause fatigue and shortness of breath.

Therefore, by staying hydrated, you are actively helping your heart do its job. By drinking enough fluids, your heart can pump more blood, and enable your muscles to work even better.

According to a study published in European Heart Journal, research suggests that maintaining good hydration can slow down or even prevent changes within the heart that lead to heart failure.

The study examined approximately 12,000 middle-aged adults for 25 years and discovered that those who drank enough water had reduced sodium levels in their bodies.

“The findings indicate that we need to pay attention to the amount of fluids we consume every day and take action if we find that we drink too little,” says study author, Dr Natalia Dmitrieva.

The bottom line

Our bodies and brains depend on water and sufficient hydration to operate normally. The heart is no different.

Therefore, to keep our hearts healthy, we need to watch out for the symptoms of dehydration and drink enough water each day.

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