South Africa is a young country with many challenges but also lots of possibilities. We have proven that as a nation, we are committed to building a home for all South Africans, and being a beacon of light to the rest of Africa. This cannot be achieved without the support of the business community. While we have laws requiring business to invest in social development, it is the leaders, the true visionaries who thoughtfully invest in NPO’s who bring about real change at the core of our society.

John F Kennedy famously said that “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”  It is not enough to want to do good or even to throw a lot of money after a good intention. What is needed is purposeful, responsible giving that will strengthen the fabric of our society, giving people a hand up, not just a hand out.  Oasis Water desires to be an agent of change in our communities and as such, is proud to partner with Nation Builder.

Nation Builder is an initiative enabling businesses and individuals to direct and measure the effectiveness of their giving, to ensure maximum impact in our social atmosphere. By linking with business and established NPO’s, Nation Builder provides a platform for effective partnerships to maximise the efforts of all those desirous to build our country. They assist companies to invest in the social projects closest to their hearts, partnering with NPO’s who have proven to make a lasting impact on ground level.

Knowing the why of what we do, informs the how of what we do, writes Mynhardt van Pletzen of Nation Builder. And because we want to make a positive change to the economic and social fabric of our beloved country, building tomorrow today, we coordinate with like-minded businesses and effectual NPO’s with the help of Nation Builder.

Nation Builder gives you a platform to interact with other business leaders who have the same vision of impacting, and bringing positive change in South Africa. Capitalism needs a conscience and here is a group of people that have that conscience. I am proud to be a part of this network. – Koos de la Rey, Director: Oasis Water