Supplement Your Retail Space with an

Income-Generating Oasis Water Fridge

Are you a retailer seeking to enhance your business while promoting a healthier lifestyle? Oasis Water presents an exciting opportunity for you to join our growing franchise family through our Oasis Fridge initiative.

Why Oasis Water?

Oasis Water has established itself as a trusted leader in drinking water through an unwavering commitment to delivering pure, safe, and refreshing water. Our roots are deeply embedded in our 6-step purification process, which incorporates reverse osmosis and ozonation, promising not only the best taste of water but that every sip is pollutant free. 

It is the cornerstone of our commitment, guaranteeing a consistent taste and unparalleled quality across all our products.

Why an Oasis Fridge?

Why an Oasis Fridge?

Extra Income

Create an additional income stream by boosting the average spend in your store.

Product Variety

Stock your fridge with Oasis Water's diverse product range, meeting every hydration need. We have ready-to-drink water in 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litre, and 5 litre bottles.

Shopper Convenience

Provide added convenience to your customers who no longer need to shop for water elsewhere.

Consistent Quality & Taste

Our 6-step purification process guarantees the best-tasting and pollutant-free water.

Two Fridge Options

Oasis Branded Single-Door Fridge – Elevate your store with this affordable option at R00,000.

Oasis Branded Double-Door Fridge – Double the impact at R00,000.

What We Need from You

Signed Contract: A signed contract with Oasis Water.

Well-Stocked Fridge: Fill the fridge exclusively with Oasis Water Products, showcasing our dedication to quality and innovation.

Apply Now

Partner with Oasis Water today to generate more revenue, and provide your customers with superior water. Apply now!

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