If you drink from the tap, you might want to reconsider.

Even though there are regulations to safeguard our drinking water, it is not a foolproof system.

More often than not, tap water still contains traces of toxins and chemicals that can be harmful to humans.

According to the most recent Blue Drop Progress Report (a report that rates the quality of our drinking water), tap water from most municipalities poses potential health risks.

In addition, Leanne Coetzee, a consultant with Waterlab, states that drinking water from our municipalities does not comply with the microbiological standards for healthy drinking water.

So, what can you do knowing that your family might be exposed to harmful contaminants?

While Oasis Water has many alternatives, like single-use plastic water bottles and 10L to 25L water containers, choosing a water subscription may be the easiest, healthiest, and most cost-effective way to protect your family.

1. Water Quality

When it comes to quality – purified water is far better at providing clean and safe drinking water.

While filter systems attached to your tap or refrigerator can help remove some contaminants, there is still a big difference between filter and purified water.

Moreover, filters cannot eliminate bacteria and viruses as effectively as reverse osmosis systems or distillers.

A water filtration system can only remove sediment, taste, and perhaps reduce the number of toxins found in your water.

Ultimately, purification technologies like distillers and reverse osmosis systems can remove up to 95% of contaminants, including bacteria and viruses.

2. Cost

Buying an in-home water dispenser might seem like a big investment at first, but in the long run, it can save you money.

Depending on the brand, a 24-pack of 500ml single-serve water bottles costs about R175. On average, a family of four drinks about 150 litres of water per month, which translates to 12,5 cases of single-serve 500ml water bottles. That’s almost R2,200 per month, totalling about R26,400 per year.

With our Water X-Change subscription, you pay R299 per month for a stylish, 100% recyclable dispenser with 100 litres of water in easy-to-carry 10 litre recyclable dispenser bottles. Once you use up your 100 litres, you can swap out all the dispenser bottles for new ones, which can cost about R150. As a result, you can spend between R299 and about R450 per month, which equals R5,400 per year.

3. Sustainability

According to BBC’s Science Focus, by 2030, some 53 million tons of plastic will exist in our oceans, rivers, and lakes. That’s with the current global efforts in play to reduce plastic waste.

Furthermore, their research indicates that our plastic production has increased 200-fold between 1950 and 2015.

Consequently, a family of four that relies heavily on single-serve water bottles will throw away about 300 plastic water bottles per month, equaling 3,600 bottles per year. Oasis Water bottles are 100% recyclable and South Africa has a shortage of recycled plastic. Do not throw away your Oasis bottle – recycle it!

4. Convenience

There’s no denying that convenience matters, especially when it comes to grocery shopping.

With more and more stores opting for a pick-up and delivery service, why not add water to the list?

Make the right choice and choose Oasis Water!

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