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Textiles, Clothing & Footwear
Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Beverage Solutions

Textiles, Clothing & Footwear

The South African textile and clothing industry aims to use all the natural, human and technological resources at its disposal to make it the preferred international supplier. Though the textile and apparel industry is small, it is well placed to make this vision a reality.

Textiles and clothing accounted for about 14% of manufacturing employment and represented South Africa’s second largest source of tax revenue. The textile industry is the most cost-effective way of creating jobs.

Owing to technological developments, local textile production has evolved into a capital-intensive industry, producing synthetic fibres in ever-increasing proportions. The apparel industry has also undergone significant technological change and has benefited from the country’s sophisticated transport and communications infrastructure.

The South African market demand increasingly reflects the sophistication of First World markets and the local clothing and textile industry has grown accordingly to offer the full range of services – from natural and synthetic fibre production to non-wovens, spinning, weaving, tufting, knitting, dyeing and finishing.

The industry remains vulnerable to cheap imports. China’s inclusion in the World Trade Organisation in 2001 rocked local manufacturers as South African businesses began importing cheaper textiles and clothing from the Asian country.

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