The whole of South Africa is watching with bated breath as the water crisis unfolds in Cape Town. Tempers are flying across social media as people anxiously direct their unforgiving rage at something….or someone. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it shows we are passionate people who care about what happens in our country, even if we live far away from the crisis point.

At Oasis we have been anticipating the dissipating availability of water and started timorous planning a while ago. The rate at which the situation has deteriorated, has necessitated earlier implementation of our plans. It is after all our Mission to supply safe drinking water at an affordable price. Should the taps run dry, we will not be able to serve our local communities.

We have been moved to compassion as we have more than 100 families connected to the Oasis group living within the drought-stricken areas.  Compassion comes from the Latin passio – suffer, and cum – with, together. To have compassion means to suffer with the injured party, with the intent of lightening the load. This is, in a nutshell, our stance on the water crisis, because Oasis cares about #Family.

Action is what is called for

Compassion action from our stores:

  • Firstly, what we have NOT done since the start of the crisis, is raise prices purely because there is an increase in demand. Presently, our hygienically clean, great-tasting water is still available at the still affordable price of R1.20 per litre for a refill. This, despite the fact, that as the dam levels decrease, the level of impurities in the water are dramatically raised, necessitating more frequent filter replacements in our purification process in keeping the water pure and safe; because Oasis cares about #Health.
  • Some of our 270+ stores over South Africa have been organising water drives. The shops organised transport of water to Cape Town which is to be distributed to the needy and vulnerable, because Oasis cares about #Community. Visit to find contact details for you nearest shop to inquire if they have an initiative to help Cape Town or visit  “Donate Now” to donate towards Cape Town.

Compassion action from Oasis head office

  • It is our aim to supply all our water during the crisis for the City of Cape Town from alternative sources – to go ‘off-grid’ so to speak. We are positive as preparations for a spike in water demand are being prepared for, by bringing in more water from outside the City of Cape Town in addition to what is sold from the Oasis stores in the affected areas.
  • From our spring water source in Gauteng, we are sending Bottled Spring water to the Cape region to alleviate the pressure on our stores within the affected areas.
  • The cost of this operation is substantial. Besides the cost involved in producing clean water (pumping and extracting, packaging, adhering to legal, health and safety regulations and the like), the trucking in of water to the shops is costly and the Oasis stores will have to ask the consumer to pay an additional surcharge should they want to ensure that the Oasis Shops keep on delivering the high standard of Purified Drinking water in the crisis areas.
  • This has not yet lead to any price increase at Oasis stores! Our promise to our customers is that we will always practice a fair price policy. We will not increase our prices just to make a quick buck in a dire situation.  An increase in production costs is however anticipated in the near future for a host of reasons:
    * The situation in our country is creating a new water economy where the scarcity of water influences its price as the case has been for a long time, with commodities such as meat and maize.
    * Simultaneously, the producers of containers (bottles) are experiencing heavy demand and subsequent backlogs with the import of raw material at higher prices.
    *  The last increase on our water was in 2014

Our customers can rest assured that we will provide a quality product, at the best price made available from sustainable and reputable sources.

  • We have developed a central donation platform for the Cape Town water crisis. All funds raised will go to the Water 4 Good fund. The platform will be administrated by Loving Thy Neighbour, a registered Non Profit Organisation (NPO) – ( or

In helping the Cape region, we have also provided a source of income for numerous families in Gauteng as they are helping  to produce the extra 5litres to fill super links on a daily basis.

So yes, a part of our country is indeed in crisis; but once again, South Africans are proving that we are One Nation and we help each another out when there is need. Oasis is proud to be a strong link in the chain of solutions for the Cape. How can you make a difference?

What you can do

  • Use water sparingly, no matter where you live. Our whole country is a water-scarce area. Let the Cape crisis be a warning to all of us to guard this precious resource before our taps also run dry.
  • Find out about water drives in your area (or start one!)and donate. Every little bit makes a difference, someone is going to be very grateful, including you in the long run!
  • Spread the truth on social media. Alarmists are spreading panic and hate on social media with unfounded allegations about trusted, legal water companies. Be the one who refers to the facts: some trusted companies are part of the solution and serving their communities.

Here’s to health and rain for our beautiful country, but especially the Cape Province.