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Oasis: Our blue is green/ How green is your water?

WE CARE STAY GREEN REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE We adore blue.  Most of our favourite things are blue: the African sky, sapphires, jeans, blueberries, Smurfs, Dory, and of course the ocean Dory lives in.  We love it so much we made it the signature colour of our brand.  But truth be told, our blue is [...]

The non-athlete’s guide to the 5 best exercises

Let’s face it: not everyone is an athlete. Many people get a racier heartrate by thinking about having to exercise, than in actual exercise on any given day. While few people have the desire to run a marathon (why run when nothing is chasing you?), all of us want to live long, healthy lives. [...]

MEDIA RELEASE: 2.15 billion bottles recycled

65% recycling rate on par with international standards; 64 000 income-generating opportunities created. Despite tough trading conditions and a 13% fall in the total PET market, the South African plastic industry recycled a record 2.15 billion PET plastic bottles in 2017, setting a post-consumer recycling rate of 65% to put the country on par with [...]

The importance of good hydration in winter

We associate winter with steaming mugs of warm comfort, often caffeinated, not with a tall glass of refreshing water.  Even so, our bodies desperately need water in the chilly months. Skin Colder temperatures usually mean drier air. Even if you live in a winter-rainfall area, the use of heaters and air-conditioning, even fireplaces, dry [...]

From dubious to divine: the Oasis purification process

Offers of clean water are a dime a dozen these days. So let’s take a look at why Oasis’ method delivers the purest water. It is no secret that we think our water is the bee’s knees, so allow us to share with you why Oasis is the purest water out there: It is [...]

Caring for Cape Town

The whole of South Africa is watching with bated breath as the water crisis unfolds in Cape Town. Tempers are flying across social media as people anxiously direct their unforgiving rage at something….or someone. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it shows we are passionate people who care about what happens in our [...]

Oasis Water features in Enterprize Africa Magazine

"Oasis Water was approached to be featured in Enterprize Africa Magazine, as an established and growing brand in Southern Africa. This turned out to be an informative body of information eloquently explaining where we are coming from, what makes us unique and where we are headed. To read the article, click here, or download the pdf [...]

South African water crisis: Fact or Fallacy?

As pictures such as this one circulate the web, many South Africans are fearing the worst. Water restrictions implemented by municipalities add to the concern in some circles. This disquiet rarely translates into sustainable action to conserve water though, most people opting for troubled looks and low whistles when the topic comes up during half-time [...]